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Excuse me...

for anything i said to you.

Lara iZ-o
31 December
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My name is Lara Brown. I live in Chester, Virginia. I live in a 2 and 1/2 story house on Wellshire Place. I know what you're thinking, wtf? How can she have a 2 and a 1/2 story house, well theres 2 floors, then another set of stairs that has a good size bedroom and my attic. Anyway, I live with just my dad now for my 18 year old sister moved out a few weeks ago. or months. i have no idea. I like it better here without her. She's bitchy ALL the time and makes me feel like crap, and nobody wants that. I'm spoiled, and i know it and im not gonna deny that i'm not. My dad works for VDOT (Virginia Department Of Transportation) though is field has nothing to do with transportation. He does some kind of thing with radios and intennas and he has to go out and fix some shit sometimes and i dont know. I've been through alot more than most people know. And i have alot of problems with myself too, just like mostly everbody. I don't like typing long posts like alot of people so my LJ is pretty boring and stupid. But i do it anyway. I wouldn't get anywhere without my friends. So in pretty much most of my updates, will be about them, or have something to do with them. And that's pretty much it.

What the fuck? I'm not seventeen.